-AJ Lee and CM Punk are said to be dating but trying to keep the relationship on the quiet. Punk is thought to remain on very good terms with his ex Amy Dumas aka Lita.

- Total Divas star Eva Marie is said to be strongly disliked by some of her co-workers in the sports-entertainment organization, with Bryan Alvarez of F4WOnline.com claiming in August that she was “passionately hated.” In Monday’s edition of Figure Four Daily, Alvarez reveals that this source of hatred was elicited by how she portrayed herself on the scripted E! reality show.

“Even though Total Divas is a reality show and it’s scripted, and most normal, rational people realize it’s fake, there are people in WWE who watch that show and developed a very strong dislike for Eva Marie…having never met her in their life,” said Alvarez.

Alvarez adds that her critics in the company came to the conclusion that she was “unlikable” (based on her demeanor on the scripted show), which triggered “a movement to make her look foolish.”

Two weeks ago, Eva Marie wrestled in matches for Raw and SmackDown despite having only competed once before in her short career. The 29-year-old’s performance drew negative reviews online, as her inexperience was put on display before millions of viewers. Dave Meltzer claimed on Wrestling Observer Radio that organization officials sought this reaction since they wanted to knock her down a few pegs due to their belief that she has an undeserved ego.

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