Viewing and visitor traffic to Pro Wrestling Press has been amazingly high this last week. Thank you. Amongst the feedback we have had is fans calling for us to publish the full story regarding Stephanie McMahon and Randy Savage. The story is highlighted again as another year passes with Savage not inducted into the Hall of Fame despite being second only to Hogan in the list of famous 80’s WWF wrestlers who built McMahon’s empire. We have full details, knowledge, sources and quotes regarding this story and are prepared to publish it. Mainstream wrestling sites stay away from this story mostly because of lack of knowledge and fear of the WWE coming after them.

Pro Wrestling Press doesn’t believe in censorship and will publish this story.

In an effort to increase our twitter followers, we will publish as soon as hits 100 followers.

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The article we will publish is the definitive story of the Stephanie McMahon/Randy Savage rumors, the story so controversial and shady that most are afraid or uninformed enough to comment. PWP has the full story and sources and is set to publish this article when we hit our follower target.

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